Faced with the observation of the strong increase in degradation and theft combined with the lack of a totally secure storage solution and strong of our expertise in containers and modular solutions, it was imposed on us the design of autonomous secure boxes: the urBox solution.
urBox, the smart solution for your 2 wheels!

urBox responds to a targeted and demanding demand with an innovative product without competition to date.

urBox is modular, mobile and can easily meet the needs of a city, a company, a building, an event, etc.

urBox is a self-powered “green” solution thanks to its own solar panels.

urBox offers proven strength.

urBox is very easy to install, mobile & removable (occasional movement for a need), on the sidewalks, on places of anarchic passages and deposits.

urBox radically reduces the number of degradations and thefts which are more and more important.

urBox: real appeal for our cities and for users.

The advantages of urBox

Solid, resistant, modular

A container designed in one piece, without screws or bolts, which gives it elasticity and increased resistance of 1500 Kg / m². Its floor can support up to 300 kilos per square meter.

In addition, the containers are made of Corten steel, an alloy which withstands temperature differences from -30 to 80 degrees and which self-patinates. The containers are thus protected from corrosion and will have no trouble flowing from old days in your city.

urBox is a “green”, reliable and economical concept of recycled container for all two wheels. Same basic solution without solar panels, it remains low energy consumer (maximum 5 kW/h).

Mobile, urBox does not require any special installation. Its solidity gives it a lifespan of 25 years!

Ground secured
Regulatory (UE validated)
Easy maintenance
International standard ISO 8323

Three ways of use


urBox can be easily integrated into any type of environment, for a clientele of individuals, communities (co-ownerships, social landlords), companies… An undeniable asset: the dedicated application allows you to geolocate the urBox closest to your home you!

Mobile apps

Find instantly the urBox
closest to you!

Free download for iPhone and Android.
Soon available in your store!

Mobile apps

Find instantly the urBox
closest to you!

Free download for iPhone and Android.


Maximum parking dimensions:

  • Length: 6.05 m
  • Beam: 2,438 m
  • Height: 2,591 m

Its small footprint can accommodate 5 bikes / 5 motorcycles (and accessories) and recharge them. Or the location of a parking space.

Technical aspects

Total individual management, thanks to the mobile application. Manage users, fleet managers, maintenance and security remotely, thanks to multi-service and multi-client options.

urBox is a mobile solution allowing rapid installation and uninstallation for temporary use, a format in accordance with international standards ISO 8323. The installation is secure: the container is fixed to the ground and benefits from remote monitoring.

The development is facilitated by a small land footprint and is done in accordance with the environment and the transport network. Its high parking density is a real asset!

urBox is customizable, many tailor-made options are available: solar panels, display panels, decoration, made-to-measure clothing, vending machines, defibrillator, etc.

Upkeep and maintenance are simplified and are done preventively or on a fee-for-service basis


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urBox, your secure box!

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