With more than 400,000 thefts and/or damages declared per year in France, the real lack of totally reliable parking solutions available made it necessary for us to design autonomous secure boxes using the container: The urBox solution.

urBox, the smart secure solution for your 2 wheels!

urBox's advantages

Solid, Resistant, Modular

A container designed in one piece

A container designed in one piece, without screws or bolts, which gives it an elasticity and increased resistance of 1500 Kg/m². Its floor can support up to 300 kg per square meter.

In addition, the container is cast in Corten steel, an alloy that resists temperature variations from -30 to 80 degrees and is self-skidding. The container is thus protected against corrosion and will not have any problems to cast old age depending on the use.

urBox is an “Eco-responsible”, reliable and economical concept of recycled container for all two-wheels. Its basic solution without solar panels remains low energy consuming (max 5 kW/h).

Mobile, urBox can be installed on any type of ground, without prior study. Its solidity gives it a life span of 25 years!



Intrusion prevention





réglementaire validation UE

Regulatory (EU validation)

sécurisation au sol@4x

Ground securing

entretien facile

Easy maintenance

International standard ISO 8323

Three possibilities of use are available to you.

urBox can be easily integrated into any type of environment, for individuals, communities (co-ownership, social landlords), companies, etc.
Undeniable advantage: the dedicated application allows you to geolocate the urBox closest to your home!

à la vente

For Sale

For rent

en concession

In concession

Mobile application

Instantly find the urbox closest to you!

Download our free mobile application for iPhone and Android.


Maximum parking space:

Its small size allows to accommodate 5 bikes / 5 motorcycles and accessories (individual space) and to recharge them.

Collective solutions are available from 14 bikes. 

Technical aspects

Total individual management, thanks to the mobile application and its license. Manage remotely users, fleet managers, maintenance, security, thanks to multi-services and multi-client options.

urBox is a mobile solution allowing quick installation and uninstallation for temporary use, a format that complies with international ISO 8323 standards. The installation is secure: the container is fixed to the ground and benefits from remote monitoring.

Its integration is facilitated by a small land footprint and is done in accordance with the environment and the transport network.

urBox is customizable thanks to numerous tailor-made options: solar panels, eco-responsible decoration and packaging, defibrillator, camera, etc.

Maintenance and servicing are simplified and are done on a pay-per-use basis in the event of proven damage.

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Urbox, your safe box!

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