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A secure box near you.

The solution of secure box near you that answers the lack of reliable parking for all types of two-wheelers, adaptable to all permanent or punctual needs:

Individuals, communities, companies, administrative buildings, train stations and modal zones, university campuses, schools, supermarkets, urban areas, etc.

Beachsides, all events, sports events, etc...

urBox is 100% secure for owners and users of bicycles, cargo bikes, scooters, motorcycles, scooters... whether electric or not.

Low cost

100% secure

Reliable and durable


Easy to use



Urbox, French company specialized in the solution of secure box.

Do you have a project, are you looking for a layout or a solution to protect your two wheels, whether electric or not?

Do you want an alternative to conventional construction, quick to set up, eco-responsible, autonomous, modular, innovative for a limited and controlled cost?

urBox, a turnkey mobile solution.

Optimized footprint

Solar autonomy

Recharge socket

Customizable decoration


Urbox : to park everywhere in town,
it's possible !

We offer you a turnkey solution for your offices, buildings, communities... and tailor-made facilities for your specific places or events (beach, concert, festival...).













Mobile application

Instantly find the urbox closest to you!

Download our free mobile application for iPhone and Android.

The company

urBox was born out of three city-dwellers who wanted to offer perennial secure box solutions to owners and users of two-wheeled vehicles.

Guillaume is one of the first to have proposed and marketed the QRcode in France. In order to face the increase in acts of damage and theft in urban areas that have become truly saturated zones, he brings innovative solutions and his commercial know-how.

From his years of experience in mobility solutions, Guillaume had the idea to create the urBox: a secure space via your cell phone for all two-wheelers.

Yves is passionate about new technologies in the field of cycling. His experience as a business developer has already led him to create several startups. So it was only natural that he got on his bike to bring his know-how and take up the new challenges of urban mobility.

Fabienne is a citizen of the world (Brazil, Italy, Lebanon, United States, France), responsible for development within the Bongrain Gastronomie Group, in charge of promotion for the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, organizer of events in agencies, Fabienne has a keen eye on the development of corporate partnerships.

The Team

Our motivated, competent and reactive team is at your disposal.

Guillaume Bochart


Yves Rapatout

Sales Manager

Fabienne de Lambilly

Partnership Development

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Urbox, your safe box!

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